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Have you ever had one of those desserts that you just simply can’t wait to dive into?  That’s what Sex in a Pan is!  Every layer makes your mouth water and as you add more and more layers the anticipation mounts. Have you ever seen a more decadent dessert that was both sugar free and gluten free?

Sex in a Pan


This recipe is for 16 people with a 9×9 pan.  We do not have 16 people living in the house (few do!), so I decided to cut this recipe down to 4 servings.  The pictures will show a much smaller pan than the recipe calls for.  Be forewarned!

The first layer is a gluten free take on a graham cracker crust. It’s almond flour and Xylitol mixed with melted butter. FYI – almond flour makes a great replacement for a graham cracker crust!  It has a bit of texture that is really needed here.  The crust is baked before adding the other layers.

Sex on a plate crust mixture
Flour mixture for crust



You’ll also notice that I line this small pan with parchment paper.  Totally worth it!  The dessert comes right out of the pan and is super easy.  Otherwise, the pudding would stick to the sides of the pan and make removal difficult.

Sex on a plate almond flour crust


Next comes a cream cheese whipped cream. I feel like Homer Simpson – I just want to say “aaarhhhl” while drooling. I won’t drool on the Sex in a Pan. I promise.

Sex on a plate pudding layer

This is followed by a sugar free chocolate pudding. I never knew homemade pudding was so easy to make!
Then you add a pillowy layer of whipped cream. Garnish with chocolate chip shavings, if desired.


Sex on a plate whipped cream layer


Now here’s the hard part. You need to wait (yes, wait) until it is set. About 3 hours in the fridge. Try not to count down the minutes!  When the time is up (or you just can’t wait any longer – I only waited 1 hour.  oops!), enjoy!



Sex in a Pan pic for pinterest



Happy Baking!

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