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It’s that time of year again when the tastes and smells of Fall fill our senses. Fall has never been my favorite season, it always reminds me of the long cold winter headed our way. But I must confess that I get excited about all that fall has to offer. I can practically smell apples being pressed into cider and the homemade donuts that the cider mill makes. Freshly made warm donuts are the best!

Now that I have matured and fully embrace all the amazing things fall has to offer, I have ventured into the world of Pumpkin Spice! During this season you can hardly go ten minutes without seeing a new food that has this iconic fall spice. Well, now I am finally jumping on the bandwagon with these Pumpkin Spice Cookies!

These cookies are packed with pumpkin and are super moist. They are a sweet cookie that is low on fat. They are hardy enough to eat for breakfast, and with how good these are you may not be able to resist. I may have eaten an entire batch single handed in one day.

I’ll admit that the final outcome of the recipe was a bit of an accident. I was out of eggs (yikes!) but really wanted to give these a go. I later tried them with eggs and found I liked them better without.

This recipe uses real pumpkin purée for an added punch of pumpkin. (And yes, I really do want to add in a few more P words.) You can make them without pumpkin purée, but then they are a touch dull. They are still a good cookie, but they don’t scream pumpkin like this cookie and this season really deserve.

This recipe is a low glycemic index cookie. It uses coconut sugar and Xylitol in place of granulated sugar and brown sugar. If you do not have coconut sugar or Xylitol on hand, you can substitute granulated sugar for Xylitol and brown sugar for coconut sugar one-to-one.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Leave me a message and let me know what you think! Are these not the best fall treat? For now, these cookies are calling my name!! I’m off to bake another batch.

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