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I’m not a coffee drinker. I never touched the stuff, even when pulling an all-nighter in college. But I love, love, LOVE coffee flavored stuff. Weird, right? Back in the day of sugar, I used to splurge on Starbucks Frappuccinos. That’s not really considered coffee, is it? I don’t think so with all the cream and sugar… My new fix is sugar free coffee ice cream. It’s close to the frappuccinos and soothes my craving. Then just the other day it hit me like a ton of bricks! I need to make a coffee dessert!!  And not just any coffee dessert, a Mocha Cream Pie. One that I could keep in the freezer and indulge on a little bit each night. And keep for myself of course! No sharing this baby.

Dig into Mocha Cream Pie

That’s when I decided I just HAD to make this Mocha Cream Pie. The bottom layer is a fudgy brownie. This is the only layer that needs to be baked. This recipe is for sugar-free/gluten-free brownies. You could use a no bake chocolate pie crust if you want to keep the oven off. The brownies are made with real chocolate chips and gluten-free flour. To truly make these brownies sugar-free, look for sugar-free chocolate chips like Hershey’s Kitchens Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips. They are semi-sweet chips and taste like the full sugar variety, which is perfect for this recipe!

Bite of Fork

To make the coffee pudding layer, milk or cream is added to cornstarch a little at a time until the cornstarch is completely dissolved. Only add a small amount of cream to start with. If you add it all, the pudding will be lumpy. After that, all the ingredients are added to a small saucepan and the mixture is heated to boiling and allowed to thicken. You may need to adjust the amount of instant coffee you use based on the strength of your coffee. Mine is fairly mild so I use a bit more. I did this step while the brownies were baking. I only let the brownies cool slightly before putting the pudding on top. No need to wait for lengthy cooling steps!

I also made the chocolate mocha pudding while the brownies baked. The steps are exactly the same as the coffee pudding layer! If you’re really feeling brave, you could mix the ingredients for both layers at the same time, then reserve a portion for the chocolate layer. The mocha pudding can be added on top of the coffee pudding while all the layers are still hot. If you have any wait time before you add the mocha pudding on top, cover the coffee pudding with a plastic wrap to prevent a skin from forming.

Layers of Mocha Cream Pie

After adding the mocha pudding, place the pie in the fridge to cool. This is a critical step. If you rush this process, the whipped cream will melt and leave a mess! While the mocha cream pie is cooling, cover with plastic wrap, pressing the plastic wrap onto the surface of the pudding.

Make the whipped cream within a few hours of serving the mocha cream pie. You could do this earlier, but you’ll have the best results if you wait. Homemade whipped cream is actually quite simple. Either by hand or with an electric mixer, whisk all the ingredients until the cream is light and fluffy. That’s it!  The whipped cream should be really smooth and creamy. This is the soft peak stage. If you keep whisking the whipped cream will get stiffer and more airy. You can take it to this point if you prefer, but I really like the smooth stage and think it works well with the creamy pudding!

Top of Mocha Cream Pie

I love this mocha cream pie for potlucks or dish-to-pass parties. It is so good and creamy, chocolatey, rich, coffee-ey. And oh so yummy! My favorite recipes are the ones that no one can tell are gluten-free or sugar-free. This is one of those! I would be delighted about serving this to any of my guests. This is definitely one they’ll come back for seconds on!

Slice of Mocha Cream Pie

I can't believe this Mocha Cream Pie is low carb, gluten-free, and with no refined sugar!  It is rich and creamy with piles of fluffy whipped cream on top!

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